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взял: Flux

Skaven's speakin'

Main characters:
Peter Hajba as Skaven
Vlad Khripunov as Flux

<FluX> Hi.
<Skaven> Hello there.

<FluX> Let's start. First question. How long have you been tracking?
<Skaven> Some seven years by now.. I think I started it in 1989 with STM actually, but I only began doing it more actively when ST3 came out in 1992.

<FluX> Whoa. 7 years. How did you join FC? Was it your first group?
<Skaven> Yes, it's the first group I've been a member of, and also the only one I'll probably ever be in. It all started when I noticed some bugs in the old Scream Tracker 2 and phoned Sami "Psi" Tammilehto, its author, about them. We sorta made friends. Later on he played my music to Gore/FC and he asked me to join. At this time FC was working on the 'Unreal' megademo.

<FluX> Was there anything that surprised you a lot when you got to the Scene?
<Skaven> Pretty much everything - I was introduced to it in a somewhat hasty manner: not long after I had registered my first tracker, I was already asked to join FC, then attend an Assembly. Before that, I didn't even know such a thing was out there. There are three things I remember the best from my first Assembly: the heat/humidity, the lack of sleep, and the fact the floor was covered in sticky Coke/lemonade/dust/goo mixture in most places.

<FluX> How did you come up with your nick? Does it actually mean anything?
<Skaven> Ever play the Warhammer RPG? It's just one creature kind in the Warhammer series, a bipedal rat, a chaos creature. Don't laugh, I thought it sounded cool back then. Here is a link in my homepage which leads to the Games Workshop homepage's Skaven page, in case you want to know more.

<FluX> What was your first computer? When did you get it?
<Skaven> When as a kid, say 12, I got myself a Sinclair ZX48. Great fun games, I even tried my BASIC skills on it, but gave up programming pretty early. I remember programming the Dynasty theme in Basic (just the main melody line in BEEPs) as my first computer composition ever....

<FluX> So what tracker are you using now?
<Skaven> Impulse Tracker.

<FluX> Are you licensed user? How're the filters?
<Skaven> Yes, I registered my copy of Impulse Tracker, the filters and the stereo disk writer are at my disposal. :>

<FluX> Are you among the betatesters of IT III?
<Skaven> No.. I guess I could be if I asked to be one, but I haven't gotten into doing that. I DID submit a logo suggestion, however. :)

<FluX> And what do you think about modern things like Buzz?
<Skaven> Well.. I tried Buzz at an early stage and it did seem very promising, although it had some drawbacks; certainly a nice idea. I hear there's a more 'professional' version of Buzz coming out, I'd like to try out that too. In general I think that the program needs to be done AND 'marketed' really well before it's going to replace IT or FT2 - also, it should be fully downwards compatible for easy adaptation. Buzz was cool, but I'm afraid it just won't make it as a really popular, mainstream tracking tool as of yet.

<FluX> Are you going to release any musicdisks or singles soon?
<Skaven> Well, I've donated two songs for the upcoming musicdisk 'Return to Stage 9', but it won't come out until February. Beyond that, I have a couple of songs in the works but I have no idea when they're coming out (I've been quite busy lately), or in what form they're going to be released.

<FluX> Are you going to take a part in any big projects? Kinda megademos and this sort of stuff?
<Skaven> Hmm.. well, I am taking part in one large project, but it's a commercial one, not a demoscene one: Max Payne (see http://www.maxpayne.com/ to see what it's all about). Because of this, I doubt I have time to partake in anything else big.

<FluX> What are you doing in Max Payne? Music or smthn else?
<Skaven> My task is to animate the 3D characters in the game, and to do additional texture art. And some additional 3D modelling as well. When I was in Ireland, I studied animation in an art school, that's why I got the job.

<FluX> Do you have any idea what you are going to do after "Max Payne" is over?
<Skaven> Max Payne II? :) Another wild idea that has occurred to me, however, could be going back to Ireland and study computer animation in the Ballyfermot college, and maybe even try teaching some art. But that's just a vague idea, gonna have to see how things will turn out.

<FluX> Is FC going to release smthn?
<Skaven> Future Crew is supposedly working on a new demo, yes, but so far the progress has been minimal. Probably for the same reason: we're all busy as hell with other things.

<FluX> And what other FC members are doing now?
<Skaven> Well, in addition to me, Henchman, Marvel, Gore and Jake are working here in Remedy & Futuremark. Psi, Trug and Liquid work at Bitboys Oy (http://www.bitboys.fi/) doing some 3D hardware stuff, while Purple Motion pursues a freelance musician career, Pixel works as a video editor at Factory Post Productions, Wildfire studies at a tech school and Abyss works in Assembly Organizing.

<FluX> What do you think about scene tendencies in general? What is the scene's future in your opinion?
<Skaven> The scene is evidently growing, it's becoming more widely know, more mainstream and less underground - and therefore more mundane. Many say that the true scene spirit died years ago, on the other hand that can just be nostalgic whining.

<FluX> Who, do you think, is/are the best tracker musician/s at the moment? .)
<Skaven> Out of those I know, I'd say Hunz, Necros and Wave (in alphabetical order), if we speak of the current PC tracking scene. Of course, beyond the ones I know, there are probably just as many equally good composers. On the other hand, it sometimes seems that the number of musicians somehow exceeds Earth's population...

<FluX> What is the best group?
<Skaven> I don't do groups, so I cannot say, I rather just look at single musicians, even at single songs.

<FluX> What do you like doing besides tracking and 3d modeling? What are your "real life" ;) hobbies?
<Skaven> Not much, mainly biking and swimmnig, reading, drawing heavily arm(our)ed ratlings, and that kind of usual stuff. I have quite successfully managed to combine my work with my hobbies, that's why it may seem I have no hobbies at all.

<FluX> What's your attitude to alcohol/tobacco, drugs? D'u use any of those?
<Skaven> Nah. I'm addicted to caffeine (Coca Cola, that is), but that's about enough for me. The last time I took alcohol was several months ago.

<FluX> Have you heard any russian tracker composers?
<Skaven> At least Treks, I chatted with him briefly on IRC. There was another one too..... but right now his name escapes my mind, he made 'Moscow ini Snow'.

<FluX> Wanna say a couple of words for russian tracker musicians?
<Skaven> Comrades, tracking is the liberation of music in its purest form, as making it reqires no money (beyond a PC and a sound card), no education, not even a goddamn tonal ear. But you'll have to keep doing it for several years before you may truly succeed; this in fact applies to ANY art. So don't give up if your first song sucks. On the other hand, if your 150th song still sucks, maybe you should reconsider. :)

<FluX> Thanx for answering all those questions. See ya.
<Skaven> Byeeeeee.

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